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Technical Support

So, you're here at Technical Support because TraderEx wont run. Our TraderEx Trading Simulation software relies on JAVA to run. In fact, it was built entirely in JAVA.

Please proceed to the following link at Oracle to both test if you have the current JAVA and to see if you can run their test application.

Click here to test your computer for the currently available JAVA

When you complete the steps at Java, you should see the following message in their web page:

Once you have completed the steps at Oracle to ensure you have JAVA and you can run their application, you will be able to run TraderEx too!

However, if you are STILL having problems running TraderEx, it may be several things:

  1. Empty Java Cache

  2. Try a different browser. Although we have tested TraderEx on the many various and popular browsers with success, there maybe something not properly configured with the specific browswer you are attempting to run TraderEx.

  3. Please ensure you are attempting to run TraderEx on the following supported operating systems and not an unsupported system:

    a) Supported: Microsoft Windows & Windows Surface (Windows-based tablets and hybrid devices), Mac OSX, Linux variants

    b) Unsupported at this time: Android and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets)


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