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Professor Robert A. Schwartz Receives First WFE Award
Robert A. Schwartz, TraderEx co-founder and the Marvin M. Speiser Professor of Finance and University Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Zicklin School of Business, is the recipient of the first World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) Award for Excellence. The award honors his contribution to the understanding of capital markets and the improvement of the exchange industry?s operations. The award was presented to Professor Schwartz on October 7 at the WFE?s annual meeting in Vancouver. For the occasion, he delivered a paper on the impact of dark liquidity pools and fragmentation on market quality. Based in Paris, the WFE is the trade association of more than 50 publicly regulated stock, futures, and options exchanges.

TraderEx Trading Simulation: THE BOOK!
TraderEx Book has been released!. It includes ideas and suggestions on how to use TraderEx in the classroom and at home. Also included are exercises to provide hands-on experience with various market conditions and structure.

Performance Metrics
Trading performance is measured based on several customizable parameters. Parameters include VWAP, average buying, average selling, profit and loss, and risk. Allows for individual scoring which encourages and allows for class competitions. Players scores can be saved and aggregated over many simulation runs. Chart individual performace from simulation to simulation.

Crossing Network
Trades aggregate in this dark pool. Crosses execute hourly matching buyers and sellers together at the midpoint of the NBBO. Experiment with various priority algorithms.

Currency Trading : Coming Soon
Trade currenies in a simulated market environment. Trade several different currencies, including GBP/Dollar, Euro/Dollar and Euro/GBP.

TraderEx Trading Algorithm Interface Under Development
This interface would allow algorithms to be tested in a simulated market environment.

Recent Publications:

Getting Best Execution (as seen in Traders Magazine, April 2008)



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